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"Teaching you practical skills to help yourself and others to live more joyful lives, this training is heart-centered, heart-led and heart-opening. You will laugh a lot. Probably you will cry. But most of all you will deepen in an experience of what it is to truly feel loved and to love others authentically from your innermost heart.

Choosing this training flowed from an inner knowing that took place in approximately 30 seconds. I listened and trusted my inner voice and I will be grateful for that for the rest of my life."
Priya Mahtani
Heart IQ Coach, Graduated in 2014
What Is The Heart IQ Challenge?
And Why It Matters...

From: Christian Pankhurst

Heart IQ Retreat Centre, Netherlands

Dear Friend,

Welcome! If this is your first time here, then you're probably wondering, 




Heart IQ is a language built upon the art, science and philosophy of intimate human connection and relationships.

It's a language of unconditional love, a language of the Heart which goes way beyond just the verbal expression that most of us rely upon. 

It integrates every facet of the human-spiritual experience, using your full embodied emotion, energy, sexuality, intellectual, intuitive and spiritual resources to express your deepest truth. 

It is a language that connects us and when you become fluent, you'll have the key to unlocking unlimited Joy, whenever you want to.

Heart IQ, as a language, crosses all borders, all cultures and transcends all verbal limitations. 

It is a global bridge that deepens and transforms your relationship with yourself, your partner and your family. 

And, with enough of us learning this language, we can transform our communities, our tribes and our nations, reconnecting all of us to our own intrinsic goodness and essence, to each other, to mother earth and to the divine.

There's nothing woo-woo here. 

The language of Heart IQ is the result of over ten years of study and research. Through direct observation of thousands of group interactions during my deep dive relationship and awakening retreats, I began to see patterns of communication and conflict, and more importantly, discovered a way to finally end the suffering and disconnect in ourselves and the world.

I get it... it sounds big and unbelievable but what I discovered in my period of exploration and the implications for you and the others like you are staggering. 

You see, language has evolved over thousands of years becoming more advanced over time. The introduction of verbal communication over basic hand signals and grunts was a huge leap forward in our evolution allowing us to convey complex ideas, leading to massive innovation and collaboration - and change on a worldwide scale.

However, as we move towards a more connected global world, we are struck by the simple truth that we just can’t get along. Nations are at war, communities are in conflict, families are breaking apart, couples are divorcing and individuals are suffering with a loneliness and a sense of separation that is being numbed by the distractions of modern life. 

Our language of today, as advanced as it is, is built to connect minds, not hearts and is no longer enough. 

We need a new way to connect with ourselves, each other and the sacred and divine aspects of our true nature that have been ignored long enough.

Heart IQ™ is the next evolutionary step in language, where communication and connection occur on multiple levels simultaneously, where the aim is not the ‘right thing to say’ but the ‘real thing to say’ and that communication occurs from an integrated multidimensional way.

Heart IQ is highly intuitive. It's a language you already know deep down but have lost access to. You were born with it, but it's been conditioned out of you by our mentally driven culture. 

We all know that communication is multifaceted. Words convey. The body conveys. Our energy conveys. Our emotions convey. Our Spirit conveys. 

Until now, there has never been a system to harness all of it TOGETHER, to integrate it and LEVERAGE, AMPLIFY and CHANNEL the impact of all these aspects coming together from the HEART to create a super human power that will transform your personal and professional life. 

In fact, learning Heart IQ is a wonderful way to impact and be part of a global movement to change the world.

But don't make your focus the world... for it's easy to get lost in service and grandiose purpose. 

Therefore, the best gift you can give to this planet is be part of the solution and learn to become fluent in this language of Heart IQ.

And this is why the Heart iQ Challenge was created. 

The Heart iQ Challenge is a 90-day online coaching program, teaching you healthy communication habits that will develop inside of you what we call "Emotional Hygiene". 

Emotional Hygiene is the result of clear, clean, non-toxic ways of communicating with those you are in connection with and it takes practice! 

With this 90-day challenge, you will be guided step-by-step, day by day to increase your Heart iQ and become more hygienic in the way you relate to yourself, others and the world.

When learned, practiced and used in daily life, personal happiness, deep healthy intimate relationships and resonant families are created. 

If you've been called to study a deeper, richer, more heart-based approach to authentic connection, relationships, and intimacy - then look no further, because the Heart iQ 90-Day Challenge could be the answer you've been searching for.

Client Spotlight: Coco, United States
Click the image above to hear Coco share her experience 
How Do You Know if Heart IQ is Right For You?
Heart IQ is a language built on a rich philosophical foundation. Check out some of our tenants below. Do you resonate?


We prioritize the acceptance of ‘what is’ in Clients and ourselves - which means that we agree to not make who we are and where we are in the moment wrong or shameful. This creates safety, which is the most important aspect of our facilitation.


We act from the intention to make the maximum impact with the minimum amount of intervention - which means that we operate with the guideline of ‘less is more’ as a way to trust the intelligent life force that animates each of us.


We practice listening to and following the heart through this work - trusting that life will give us bread crumbs of wisdom to follow as we open our hearts and minds to receiving what is real and possible in the moment. We agree to move forward in our own lives and in how we support Clients by following the unfolding and  what moves with ease and inspiration rather than moving toward a goal at all costs.


We live by the truth that we are all intrinsically good and that goodness lies at the core of everyone. All of us carry wounding, some of which will permanently change us. However, our intrinsic goodness remains intact and accessible in spite of our wounding.


We include ALL parts of the Self in this work - dark, light, painful, joyful, awkward, refined, tender, confronting, closed and generous, as examples. Our intention is to integrate these parts in one whole self.


We believe that all healing has its own time; therefore, we allow Clients to be where they are in the moment rather than advising or counseling them to be in a better place.  As a result, we don't push Clients where they don't want to go or hold them accountable for the changes they want to make in their lives.


We believe that healing is more powerful when in a group. Pain is collective and requires others to digest it fully. Through this collective healing, life spontaneously reorganizes and transforms.

Client Spotlight: Geoff, Canada
Click the image above to hear Geoff share his experience 
What You'll Learn In This Course...

Over 90 days, we're going to cover a LOT of ground but here are some highlights...

The Connection Ritual

Creating a vibrant deep intimacy with self and others is like creating a wonderful meal – you need a good, solid, base recipe to get you moving in the right direction. Heart IQ™ has identified the key ingredients that create an amazing base recipe so you can start building the connection you've always craved.

Owning Your Shit & Acknowledging Your Stuff

Knowing how to listen, acknowledge, praise, reassure, confirm another's reality, while moving your emotion in a non-toxic way is critical. You'll learn how to consciously express and own your stuff which will create more connection rather than closure and shut down. 

Ending Weaponised Closure

When we're not conscious of how we use our pain to hurt, manipulate, castrate or punish, we are in a state of weaponised closure, where our closed heart is now wanting to act out rather than open to the heart break and be with it consciously. You're going to learn how to track your pain, your shadows and defence strategies while learning how to communicate them lovingly with compassion and grace.

Sharing Withholds & Judgements

It's expected that as we journey together and open our hearts, disappointments hurts and boundary violations come up. But how we communicate and repair in those moments is an art and in this course you'll learn to master this practice. What you will discover is that the intimacy you can create through sharing withholds can be deeper than anything else you do in your relationship! (Hint, sharing withholds is not always verbal ;-))

Making Sacred Agreements

Making relationship and connection agreements is one of the most vital things you can do to foster both your personal awakening, as well as create depth, intimacy and juiciness in your relationships. Much of the pain that’s transferred between you and another is due to personal and relationship boundaries not being defined and needs not being spoken.

Relationship & Connection Tracking

Learning to share your inner world with all its subtleties is an art and takes practice, requiring a lot of integrated awareness. You'll be shown practices to improve your ability to track your reality and share it in a way that lands. 

"Daring To Share All of Me" Practices

It's easy to share stuff that is non-triggering where everyone is in a good place. But how do to share those hard topics which risk causing pain, heart break or anger? In this challenge, you'll be invited to practice sharing in a way that will avoid the common pitfalls so you can be free to live your truth without contorting in fear of your truth not landing with others.
Client Spotlight: Roel, Belgium
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What You'll Receive
Here's the breakdown of what you'll get and how the program is structured
PART 1: Home Study Program (Delivered 100% Online)
Receive high quality videos, case studies and tutorials. Delivered on our mobile friendly and easy to use community training site.
You'll receive step by step instructions and case studies on how to coach each of the skills and practices you'll be learning. Throughout the program you can use this training site to post questions about the content and receive access to Christian and Sumir as well as the other participants.
PART 2: Live Coaching Calls (Delivered 100% Online)
Go deeper by participating in our Group Experience option. Practice, ask questions and get coached as you integrate what you are learning in your life. 
We have two versions of the course, one of which includes weekly live group coaching calls with Christian and. Sumir. This is where the training comes alive and the magic happens!

Client Spotlight: Hils, United Kingdom
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Save 50% by Taking Part in the first 'Beta' Training, Starting May 6th - August 3rd

There are 2 ways to experience The Heart iQ Challenge.
Choose your preferred option below, and let your journey to true relationship health begin!

option 1:  self study program
Excludes VAT (Payment Plan Available)
  • Save €247 by joining this initial 'beta' class
  • Share your ticket with one other person (must be a pre-existing relationship) so you can practice together.
  • 90 Daily Training Videos led by Christian & Sumir (complete with worksheets)
  • Lifetime access to the complete Heart iQ Challenge Video Program
  • Private Support Group & Community
  • Access to the weekly REPLAYS of the live group coaching calls
option 2  The group experience
Includes VAT (Payment Plan Available)
  • Save €500 by joining the 'Beta' class
  • You Get Everything in OPTION 1, Plus...
  • 12 x Weekly live group coaching and practice sessions with Christian & Sumir
  • BONUS: 5-Day Insights to Intimacy Livestream Event (Valued at €497)
Coming soon 
90 day Challenge teacher TRAINING
  • Get certified as a Heart iQ Relationship Coach
  • Earn an income and make an impact using the Heart iQ method and technology.
  • Master the practices both personally and professionally.
Our Quality Guarantee and Refund Policy


You have a 10 day trial period which begins on the day the course starts that allows you to actively participate in the program during this time. If after 10 days, you don’t feel we’ve delivering the value promised, you may apply for a refund.

Refunds can be requested at

About Your Facilitators: Christian & Sumir

Christian and I have a remarkable relationship —  inextricably soul connected, guardians of each other's goodness, in support of whatever brings the other joy, and in deep devotion to the emotional hygiene and heart intelligence that has created our rich and varied history.  However, it has been a long and winding road to get here.

I met Christian in early 2014, and within several months, a truly inspiring, heart opening romantic relationship began to blossom between us.  Because we were aligned and connected on so many levels, I felt a resounding “yes!” to help nurture and grow Christian’s visionary work, Heart iQ, joining his company as CEO, and by 2015 we set our sights on creating a home for the Heart iQ community.  On the first day of 2016, our shared vision was birthed!  New Eden, a beautiful retreat centre in the heart of Friesland, became ours to tend and raise like the love child it was.

As with many couples who partner in both professional purpose and romantic love, the years brought us plenty of challenges and lessons.  We shared sleepless nights and red eye flights; deliberated over financial challenges and the right next steps; gave everything we had to our community, sometimes even to our own detriment; built multiple successful businesses; traveled the world; laughed and grieved; stood before the firing squad of judgements, assumptions and doubts; and, eventually, shattered each other's hearts…yet we found our way back to one another again, stronger and deeper as a result of all that we had shared. 

As we each have grown personally, our relationship has matured and has produced a capacity for us to weather any storm together.   Our shared love is surpassed only by our courage to lean into our fears and create a culture of emotional hygiene that continues to deepen our compassion, humor, gratitude, and support for one another.  Of course, we’re not perfect. We haven't been and don't aspire to be.  However, we trust that the broad range of our individual and shared experience, from tragedy to ecstasy, as well as our hearts, gifts and skills, allow us to uniquely support each of you on your own path of becoming.

Client Spotlight: Suus, The Netherlands
Click the image above to hear Suus share her experience 
Hélène, Canada
Josefina, Sweden
Kathy, USA
Suus, Netherlands
Mun, USA
Lynette, USA
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Heart iQ Challenge?
The Heart iQ Challenge is a 90-day online coaching program, teaching you healthy communication habits that will develop inside of you what we call "Emotional Hygiene". 

Emotional Hygiene is the result of clear, clean, non-toxic ways of communicating with those you are in connection with and it takes practice! 

With this 90-day challenge, you will be guided step-by-step, day by day to increase your Heart iQ and become more hygienic in the way you relate to yourself, others and the world.
I don't have someone to do the program with, can I still do it alone?
Yes! You will still get huge value in doing this course alone and if you choose the group experience option (recommended) you will have time each week to practice with other members of the group.
I live on the other side of world, can I still do this training?
Yes! This course is delivered 100% online including the 5-day Insights to Intimacy Livestream event, which comes with the group experience option.
When will the course begin? 
The course begins May 6th and runs for 90 days ending August 3rd 2020
What's a 'Beta' Program and why should I enrol now? 
This is a new course and as such we are offering the first group to go through it a substantial discount, in return for their feedback to help make it great. If you're on a tight budget, we highly recommend taking this 'Beta' program before we officially launch as you will save approximately 50%.
How much time will it take?
The course consists of daily videos taking no more than 15 minutes per day. Additionally, for those that choose the group experience option, there is an additional live call once a week on Monday at 8pm CET which lasts around 90 minutes. 

If you are doing the challenge with a partner or friend (which we highly recommend), we suggest self-organising two practice times a week (between 30-60mins) to put into motion the tools you'll be shown,
What's the difference between the two versions of the course?
Option 1 is a self study version of the course which is for those on a tight budget and who do not feel they need the live coaching or community support. It comes with the daily videos and online community as well as the replays from the calls, but doing this version will not pre-qualify you to do circle work with Christian in the future, if this is something you might want to do.

Option 2 is the group experience where you not only get the video training but also 12 x live group coaching calls with Christian and Sumir. These calls are invaluable and will give you a chance to practice, ask questions, see demos and potentially, get coaching. This option also comes with an amazing bonus! We're including a 5-day Insights To Intimacy Livestream event which you can do anywhere in the world! The value of this bonus is worth as much as the course itself. Finally, the group experience version of the course is the ONLY version which pre-qualifies you for deeper circle work with Christian.
I'm experienced in Heart iQ. Is this for me? 
Yes. This course will represent the cutting edge upgrades to the Heart iQ body of work, of which some will be completely new. Additionally, this course is a pre-requisite for becoming a Heart iQ Coach and Facilitator, so if you wish to go deeper in the future, then now's the time to take action.
I have other questions... What do I do?
You can email us at
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